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Vat and the Central Taxes in Mumbai, India

Posted by Peter Freeman on Monday, February 8, 2010,
1.1  VAT Council of States, the body of State Finance

Ministers and Standing Council of Commissioners have agreed that the VAT should be implemented all over India from 1-4-2001. However, subsequently, after taking into consideration the fact that the groundwork is still in progress, the date has been extended to 1-4-2002. One thing is certain that the word ‘VAT’ [Value Added Tax] is a symbol of Globalisation and Liberalisation, which is a universal phenomenon for the curr...
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Sensex India

Posted by Peter Freeman on Monday, February 8, 2010,
It is the investors' world and many industry honchos, be it in India or at the global level, are more or less dependent on shares. The ultimate source of information on the money market, stock trading, market upbeat, downslide and related regalia, is the sensex. A partial industrial community representing brokers, share traders rely on the sensex for their source of revenue. Almost all nations and states display their sensex, exhibiting the up-to-the minute economy trends.  With the economic ...
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