Appointment Setting Services for the Financial Services Industry

Insurance companies, banks and financial services organizations realize dramatic increases in revenue when they use appointment setters for their sales teams. Productivity soars when sales reps spend more time selling, not prospecting.

It's a fairly simple process; the telemarketing firm sets the appointment you close the sale.

These phone professionals make cold calls and set qualified appointments for your sales staff with the accounts you want most. Using a targeted database they schedule meetings for your sales reps with those who have a real interest in your solution and the authority to buy from you.

Separating appointment setting from face-to-face selling is the key to success for any sales organization. It eliminates the wasted time of chasing the wrong leads at the wrong time. Sales appointment setters free your top salespeople to do what they do best - present, negotiate and close deals with many top producers more than doubling their productivity.

The success of any organization rests largely on increased sales. An appointment setting firm will fill your sales pipeline with fresh leads, drive new revenue, improve productivity and morale, and eliminate wasted time.

If you're relying on your in-house staff to set appointments, you may be losing money. Statistically an appointment setting firm will dial the phone 3 to 4 times more often and set three times the number of sales meetings when compared to an inside staff.

Conduct a test. Use the telemarketing services of an appointment setting firm for a month and compare the results they produce to those of your staff. Next, count how many new sales are penned into the books. The return on investment will make you a believer, put more money in your pocket and improve the overall efficiency of your sales process.

Brian Grinonneau is a partner with MaSM, a sales performance consulting and appointment setting firm in Toledo, Ohio. He has written extensively on direct marketing topics.

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